Hello and welcome glad you have found me. I thought I would start telling you a little bit about me and how I came to be selling decorative antiques and vintage homeware. 

I have always loved old things, and I am a true believer in the phrase make do and mend. The love of old things started when I was young, and I would visit jumble sales and second-hand shops. 

My favourite item as a child was an old painted chest of drawers, it was bright green and I loved it. Unfortunately, we moved, and my Mum thought it would be good idea to have new furniture, so I had a flat pack wardrobe and dressing table, I hated them and I have never forgotten my old chest of drawers. In fact, a painted green one is still on my wish list. 

For me I love old decorative items with a story to tell, I love to think about the life the item has already lived and to send it on its future journey. I really like how individual antique and vintage items are very rarely do you get two of the same. This helps you created a room and home that is individual. 

The secondary aspect of both selling and buying antique and vintage is the sustainability, giving a second, third and sometimes fourth home to a pretty and practical item can save it from land fill.  

I started in antiques and vintage as a collector or as my partner says hoarder! I just love going out on treasure hunts and finding beautiful and rustic items. As this become more than just a hobby, I decided I would love to do it as a job, so Mr G Loves Miss B was created.

I source all the items I sell, visiting different parts of the UK to discover hidden treasures. It is a pleasure to find these lovely items, then sell them to others who also love antique and vintage.  

Take a peek around the website to see my latest treasures - hope you love what you find.  

Thanks Helen